Entry NameStudentYear
Wisdom, Strength And Power, In All It's Beauty Emma Spires 2019
My Favourite Animal Shekofa Fuladi 2019
Lost Lusita Haumono 2019
Bird Carla Hughes 2019
Journey Chloe Mifsud 2019
Elf At Sunset Kathryn Rendulic 2019
My Little Heaven MaryLyn Alagha 2019
The House And The Spooky Tree Cormac Roche 2019
Flourishing Garden Brianna Dunn 2019
Bluebird Ruby Graham 2019
Raven's Room Lainey Graham 2019
My Joy Elena Alagha 2019
Don't Take Away My Colour - The Reef Azariah Wigley-gill 2019
Changing People Penny Carpenter 2019
Moonlight Rogue Sydney Burton 2019
Toothless Sarah Marassa 2019
Puzzle Art Rhianna Jacobs 2019
Marsh Mellow Man Logan Jacobs 2019
Pretty Girl Tahleisha Gardener 2019
Journey Through The Sunset Savannah Arena 2019
If You Be A Good Friend, You'll Have A Good Time. Sumaidha Samiha 2019
Magical Girl Anime Tenulie Saundage 2019
Midnight Galaxy Christen Koumi 2019
Sarcophilus Harrisii (Tasmanian Devil) Tara Bursic 2019
My Feelings Tiarna Flight 2019
The Mystic Grove Trinity Nitschke 2019
Friends In A Race Vanshraj Banerjee 2019
The Lone Bird Annalisa Yio 2019
The Pity Of An Enemy Jessie Rachman 2019
Lying In The Sun Jiyun Baek 2019
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