Entry NameStudentYear
G.O.A.T Alan Tuyikeze 2018
Gabbie Hanna - Fanart Emily Grinter 2019
Gabrielle And The Cupcake Picnic Gabrielle Naoum 2012
Gacha Art<3 Dakota Badcock 2019
Gachi Life Glenn Hallows 2019
Galactic Station Chiara Major 2012
Galaxies Stars Komal Kumari 2019
Galaxy And Rocket Raavi Gill 2019
Galaxy Dragon Alexandros Papadopoulos 2019
Galaxy Girl Louisa Bath 2019
Galaxy Internet Painting Issabella Hu 2012
Galaxy Shine Amelia Zonruiter 2019
Game Flora Joh 2011
Game Strength Scott Mcbain 2019
Gansta Rap Rebecca Mennen 2009
Garfield & Odie Calvin Sementhy 2012
Gargoyle Lauren Williams 2012
Gates To Eden Olivia Mann 2012
Geisha Girl Terri Katakouzinos 2009
Gekko Kayla Poppleston 2011
Genetically Altered Baby Penguin James Keswick 2010
Gentoo Penguins Michelle Foo 2012
Gentoo Penguins Michelle Foo 2012
Gerard Way Anastasia Kellner 2011
Get JINXED! Elise Ward 2019
Get Real Vincent De Vries 2011
Ghostly Matilda Brindley 2019
Ghosts Darius Lewis 2019
Giant Bever Daniel Oleszczuk 2011
Giant Worm And The Marrows Angus Mcginn 2008
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