Entry NameStudentYear
Sabre Tooth Tiger Night Hunt David Bin 2012
Sacred Land Zoe Lovatt 2012
Sacrifice Nathan Richmond 2012
Sad Bunny Emily Smith 2011
Sad Eyes Hope Cooper 2010
Sad Love Rita Sudakova 2008
Sad Monkey Himani Sehjal 2011
Sad Picasso Head Donatella Coccetti 2011
Safari Leopard Samuel Wilson 2010
Sailfish Georgia Beddow 2011
Sailfish Georgia Beddow 2011
Sailfish Georgia Beddow 2011
Sailing Chloe Van Dorp 2010
Sakura Tree Alex Fairbrother 2008
SammieJ Lara Harman 2011
Samoa John Gremond 2012
Sandgate Snapshot Kasih Robinson 2011
Sandy Desert Sasha Nikolich 2012
Sanic The Hedgehog Jeremy Boff 2012
Sanity's Quest Sharleen Arokiasamy 2008
Santa Ella Normoyle 2011
Sarah Laura Guest 2012
Sara's Manu Sara Alam 2011
Sarcophilus Harrisii (Tasmanian Devil) Tara Bursic 2019
SasuNaru Honesty Gartman 2011
Satans Daughter Emily Guest 2009
Satyricorn Chase Padgett 2012
Savannah Savannah Alegre 2010
Save The Earth Michael Entwistle 2011
Save The Planet Sophia Kangying Lin 2010
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