My Beautiful Home

Excellence Award in the 'Inspired 2019' competition

“It is, 6AM…”
The familiar voice echoed in Penny’s ear. She slowly began to wake up. She smiled. It was another day.
Penny jumped out of bed and rushed to the cupboard. She stood inside the circle and there was a murmuring sound, as the machine was switched on.
“Good morning, PENNY,” Google replied.
“Hi, Google,” Penny replied, “dress me please!”
The machine hesitated, receiving and loading the command, “of course. What will it be today? TRENDING or CUSTOM?”
“Hmm…let’s go custom…”
“of course. Please select one of the following,” a small section of the floor opened up and a hand-sized number keyboard emerged.
“Select one for, SUMMER VACAY. Select two for, WINTER WARMIES. Select three for, CUDDLY CLOTHES. Select four for, EVER-”
Penny pressed ‘four’ and Google was abruptly interrupted. Three seconds went by and soon Google responded.
“Of course. Please stand by as I load the information…”
After a couple of minutes, another section on the floor opened and a rectangular screen appeared. It lit up showing the clothing in which Penny had selected.
There was a beep and mechanical arms shot from each side of the wall. Penny’s heart rate increased. She was still scared of them…
“Please wait a moment as we apply the selected clothing onto you…”

. . .

Penny rushed out of her room all changed in her blue, dotted dress. She smiled as she saw her Mum in the kitchen.
“Morning, Mum!”
Penny’s mum glanced over and smiled, “morning, sweet-cheeks.”
Penny noticed her older brother playing a video game in his gaming headset.
“Jake! Turn that off please, breakfast is ready.”
“Alright, Mum,” Jake sighed, “hey guys I have to go! I’ll be back soon!”
He turned off the game and packed away the headset. He then switched it to the window channel. The image of an in-time sunrise appeared on the screen. There were a few noises of nature coming from the screen – noises of birds and the rustle of trees.
Penny sat down on her side of the already set table. She was as hungry as a shark, and her belly grumbled an earthquake.
“Penny would you mind taking the rubbish out?”
Penny frowned, “okay…”
She got up from her seat and rushed to the kitchen, grabbing the over-flowing rubbish bag. She rushed downstairs.
“Penny don’t forget to put the suit on!” Penny’s Mum yelled from the kitchen.
Penny placed the bag on the floor and grabbed one of the suits hanging up. After putting it on, she went into the front room. It smelt rotten and the dirty, uncoloured walls made Penny claustrophobic. She hated this part of the day.
There was a beep and a red siren whirred above the metal door. Penny pulled a lever and the door slowly opened, presenting colours of dark, sicking green and grey. Penny looked out to the bare and toxic landscape. Stray paper blew across the shadows of the tall, intimidating skyscrapers.

“…just another day at my beautiful home…”


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