My Homework

Finalist in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

I was doing my homework on a very windy day
When the biggest gust of wind I’ve ever seen blew my homework away
I ran down the stairs, I blasted out the door
And just as I saw my homework I heard a loud and deafening ROAR
A cascade of fire came from an awfully nearby cave
Whoever wanted to go in there must be exceedingly brave
There was a big boom and a crumbling of rock
As a humungous dragon emerged from the muck
And as my homework blew past the dragon's mouth
Another flow of fire erupted from its snout
As the helpless ashes gracefully fell to the ground
The dragon took another step and put the fire out
The next day when I went to school I got the lowest marks
Because my homework was nothing but a pile of dwarfish quarks!


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