The Very Scary Bear Hunt

Finalist in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

Once, on a very stormy night, there was a big crowd of people, who were on a bear hunt. They set up their campsite and quietly tiptoed through the grass in the forest. No matter how much they tried, they couldn’t find a bear! “Ugghhh! This is hopeless!” said Myrah. She hated the forest! She wished she could’ve gone shopping with her friends instead!

Then they saw a big cave with a family of bears inside.Their fur was thick. They had angry eyes and big sharp teeth, ready to eat the people! The big crowd of people saw them and they didn’t know what to do! They shone their torches at the family of bears and treated their torches like a light sword. They wanted to scare the bears away so that the bears didn’t eat them but instead the bears growled at them!

The people’s knees were shaking because they were so scared! They rushed out of the dark cave, scared and terrified! They secretly went into their tents and hid under their blankets.

The bears crept up next to the windows and they saw the people! The people were terrified! They looked outside their windows and they saw the bears! “What can we do? They’re coming to eat us!!”Said Rachael the baby. “I can call the animal pound to come and take away the bears!” said Rachel’s mum. She kept on trying to call for help but there was no signal! What were they going to do now!

“Rachael has a walkie talkie!” said Rachael’s dad. “We can use that!” So they called Rachael’s friend and told her parents to call the animal pound. Soon the animal pound arrived with a big cage as big as a bus for all the bears. The big group went safely back to their homes. They were so happy that they let Rachael take her walkie talkie along.


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