Yellow Daisies

1st in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

Yellow daisies everywhere, Fill the air with joy and light.
The daisies quickly wilt,
My sunshine turns to night.

Ethanol permeates the air, Filling the noses of those who grieve.
Crisp sheets and bare white walls,
The room you will never leave.

Jaundiced skin and hollow cheeks, Eyes glassy and bleak.
Frail bones and anchored muscles,
A mouth that doesn’t speak.

I look into your eyes, But I see the shell of who you used to be.
I try to reach out,
But you’ve floated away from me.

My heart now aches with regret, As I face a new spring day.
They are not pretty as they once were,
The yellow daisies which took you away.


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