A Bathtub Adventure

Finalist in the 'The Inside Story 2020' competition

Gurgle gurgle gurgle. The tap was running, but not as you would think, filling the bath. Instead, it went around the bath, creating huge oceans filled with all kinds of mystical creatures. There were unicorns crossed with fish and huge turtles the size of our bathtub! Next to me, my best friend, Kami the kitten meowed in surprise. So I swung the shower curtain to make a sail and we set off into the gigantic ocean.
The sea creatures and the current seemed to be pushing us somewhere. Soon we came to this beautiful island. It already had a cozy cottage for me and Kami. It was like the animals knew we were coming! We went exploring and found heaps of precious treasures. After all the exploring, we had a lie-down in our cozy cottage.
After we had had a lie-down, Kami thought she saw a sea monster, but I didn't believe her. While we were looking at the ocean, we saw octopuses with only one eye! There were rainbow fish and friendly sharks.
Suddenly, the sea monster Kami saw before rose up out of the water! He whacked some sea creatures with his tail sending them flying through the air. Then he noticed us. He tried to hit us and the cottage! But he wouldn't get away with it while me and Kami were around!

So quickly, I threw a magical cape over his head so he couldn't see. I pulled a golden sword out of the pile of treasure and chopped off his head while Kami was distracting him. The monster was dead! We were heroes!
We then had a party with all the surviving animals and a huge feast. We played heaps of fun games like hide and seek and pin the tail on the fish unicorn (which I found out are called narwhals). We then had a pie-eating contest. Kami won that.
Sadly, the fun couldn't last. We had to go home for dinner. We kindly asked the sea animals to take us back home. We got back just as my mum called me for dinner. Me and Kami can't wait for our next bath so we can visit our island again.



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