Fluffy Butt’s Bad Day!

Finalist in the 'The Write Note 2021' competition

It is a cold rainy Wednesday when Fluffy Butt wakes up and looks at his clock it is 5am. “Holy sunflower seeds, I’m late for work!” he yells. Oh no Fluffy Butt was supposed to be at the bakery at 4am, to start baking all the cakes.
When he gets to work at 6am he cannot find his favourite purple mixing spoon it is gone. “Crazy celery sticks my Aunty Big Cheeks gave me that spoon when I decided to be a baker,” cried Fluffy Butt. He picks up a spare spoon, but every cake burns. “Silly spinach bits, what a disaster” he shouts.
But then when no one else arrives for work, he remembers that there was no work today. The boss had given everyone the day off. As Fluffy leaves the shop he falls somersaulting down onto the pavement. “Ouch!” he squeals. Everyone walking past laughs at him. He gets the first aid kit and quickly bandages his foot, before limping off to the park to meet his cousin.
“Could my day get any worse?” he asks himself, when realises his cousin had already left the park, because Fluffy Butt was so late. He decides to go on the swing to make himself feel better. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth he goes until all of a sudden, he vomits right there and then. Maybe I shouldn’t have tasted all the burnt cakes he thinks. He gets off the swing covered in vomit. “How disgusting” laughs all the kids in the park. “How embarrassing,” muttered Fluffy Butt under his breath.
Just then his phone rings and it is Dr Fuzzy telling him that he missed his dentist appointment and he will have to wait another 4 months to get his tooth ache checked. To avoid any more things going wrong he heads home for dinner.
As he is about to sit down to eat a bowl of yummy salad for dinner when his annoying little sister plays a prank on him. She puts a whoopie cushion on his seat. “Mind your manners” scolds his mother. Fluffy Butt turns bright red and points to his sister who is trying not to laugh. “It was her” he says, but no one believes him.
All of sudden Fluffy Butt wakes up and realises it was just a dream - why would a hamster be taking a phone call anyway?
Then he sees a big sunflower seed with a bow wrapped around it on the bedside table. “It’s my birthday, today is going to be the best day ever” he squeaks until he realises it is 5am and he is late for work…at the bakery…



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