Fields Of Gold

Excellence Award in the 'Play On Words 2021' competition

Among the fields of barley lay the fields of gold, the scent of wheat
A barren field of none but dried grass, a faded brown
The force of the breeze,
The cool touch of the wind; “Run away, far," he said to me,
“For the world is yours to wander.”

None other than him and I, running free through sorrow and broken dreams
The crunch of the dried grass as every step was taken
Triggered memories to flood
The force of his touch pushes me back further, though I refuse to believe it
Yet that’s all that’s said to me.

The bed sat in the endless field with sheets of silk, naked pillows
Lies and deceit fill the air, the breeze isn’t as graceful
I look back on the old days and wish that I go could back
To the fields of barley, among the fields of gold.


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