Bawking Chickens

Excellence Award in the 'Unleashed 2022' competition

The bawking green chickens live in outer space,
Leaving violent green feathers all over the place,
Their eyes glow bright yellow like the great glowing sun,
And their sharp claws would gladly attack anyone.
Their wattle and comb are imperial red,
And the look in their eyes will fill people with dread.
You can foresee an attack upon the earth below,
When the moon inherits an eerie green glow.
They have once attacked and I’ll describe the scene,
Below the moon that was shining green,
The humans were scattered all around,
While the dangerous chickens made bawking sounds,
And smashed buildings, trees, parks, and the school,
One of the boys thought it was kind of cool.
“No, no, it is not cool!” said the little kid’s dad,
“We’re being attacked by the birds from the cornflakes ad!”


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