Of The Moon And The Sun

You immerse yourselves in your immortal waltz,
Your gazes never parting nor falling away.
You sway and twirl, across a dancefloor of stars,
Entranced with each other by night and by day.

You reach out with your voice, but sound dissipates here,
You cry out, desperate, but you earn no reply.
Keep revolving, keep dancing, for you’ve not a choice,
Time gathers your tears and forms stars in the sky.

You seldom reunite in your fleeting embrace,
A brief caress, then you’re star-crossed anew.
You suffer, still waiting, always in motion,
Bitter at the dance that the earth makes you do.

All of this yearning, has carved you in stone,
And set you alight, a fiery flare.
But to be caught in orbit, eternally,
Is not such a horrible fate to share.



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