What A Wonderful World

In emerald realms, verdant canopies strive; radiant, abundant blossoms thrive.
The heavenly earth, bustling with unending harmony; in the whispering wind, not a trace of agony.
Across cerulean skies, and starry nights, parrots and lorikeets, taking first flight.
Ribbons of rivers glimmering under the scintillating sun; families caring for their loved ones.

But deep in the shadows, imminent dangers appear; rainforests overflow with ubiquitous fear.
The earth’s voice, muffled by darkness and foreboding; palm oil glaring down on animals with loathing.
A scorpion’s sting, a werewolf’s howl, and thought’s of our world’s unforgiving scowl.
Our reckless actions, rash and impulsive, the race for palm oil, disgusting and repulsive.

A torrent of palm oil finally freed; animals rendered homeless, replaced by greed.
But together we must unite, at any cost, at any height.
So lift your voices, a symphony of protest; show the insidious evil who is best.
To let future generations inherit a healthy planet,

Be the voice, for the voiceless.



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