The Super Girl

A long time ago there was a cute little girl named Kathryn, but she wasn’t a normal girl. She was the only person who had superpowers but she didn’t know how to control them. So she was scared at school that she’d be in trouble for using her powers but she didn’t. Instead she fell in love with someone named Ethan. She didn’t want anyone to know about her crush so she didn’t even tell her parents. When she went to sleep all she could think about was Ethan. In the morning she went to school.At the library session she slipped and her laser power broke the fire alarm and all the books were on fire. Everyone was scared because all of the room was on fire. When everyone was outside she stopped the fire with her water power then she went down stairs and said sorry for setting the books on fire, from then on she had no friends.After school she practiced her powers in the garden, because if she practiced in her house she would break something in her house.First she practiced her power were she could make things move with her mind, secondly she practiced her invisibility power but someone saw her turn invisible and got a big scare they instantly ran away back to their house.After all the mayhem she got to her final power seeing the future.That power was a little bit dangerous.Then her mum called her for dinner.The school dance was today and after school her mum drove her to her first school dance and when she walked in Ethan asked her to dance with him and she said yes of course so they lived happily ever after THE END!


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