My Greatest Desire

My greatest desire was to get drafted for the Magpies. My training was intense I used to train every day but 2 months ago something tragic happened…

One of my dreams was to play netball for Tasmania. My biggest supporter was Nan, she would be at every game cheering me on. Three months ago Nan got diagnosed with cancer, she still attended games. Ended up in hospital. It was the worst, doctors say she won’t make it through the night!

I stayed all night till she gave up. I gave up playing netball for 2 years. I remembered a wise person said “follow your dreams even if bad”
*A few days later*
I trained at home, until I registered to a team and when I began to train with others again and I realised that my skills have gone, they all know these tricks and my mind is blown.
Our team started to play, we were undefeated, we were in division 1, on our grand final, the coach of the Magpies came to watch our game, and after the game she came up to me and said
“ Hey I just wanted to say you had a great game today nice footwork”
“Omg thanks I’ve always wanted to play for the Magpies it’s been my dream for ever” said Sophie with excitement.
"All good, if you would like to you can come and watch my team train, and maybe join in."

*A week later*
When Sophie got to training she got to meet the players and was over the moon for the opportunity to train with the Magpies. After training, the girls from the team got to know Sophie and a couple of weeks later Sophie got a call from Nicole saying
“Hey Sophie, it’s me Nicole. I was wondering if you would be interested to play against other people to try and get drafted”
“ Hi Nicole I would love to, I can’t believe you even asked”
“ Haha ye we picked you cause you got along with the team and they all loved your skills” said Nicole

When the nightmare of the tryouts was over, Sophie felt relieved. It had been a week and still no call, she was very worried because she had got her hopes up.

*ring, ring*


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