The Adventures Of Ava And Emily

In the City with cars beeping and people yelling, two girls were rushing through the crowds. Their names were Ava and Emily. Ava was the one with a deep sense of logic. Emily was the one who was fearless. The girls had been walking for a long time, when Ava spotted something in the distance. It was glowing bright enough to make the entire city glow. Ava soon realised it was a door. “Emily quick come look at this!” exclaimed Ava. “Wow,” said Emily. The door somehow magically opened, revealing a pitch-black room. They stepped in but fell because it was like a bottomless pit!
They were lying on the floor of a spooky house. Spiderwebs in every corner, with creepy old wooden bars. Suddenly there were footsteps gradually getting louder and closer. They saw the light of a torch. The little girl said, “Are you two ok?” “Were fine,” said Ava and Emily in sync. Ava and Emily both asked “What is your name?” “My name is Kayla,” replied the little girl. “I was lost down here a long time ago.” “Is there a way out of here?” asked Ava. “Sadly no, I’ve been down here for 2 years and there is no way out.” said Kayla.
Ava looked around when she saw that the painting in the corner of the room was moving. “Look!” exclaimed Ava “The painting is moving!” The girls went to see if they could figure out why it was moving. As they touched the painting simultaneously, they all teleported to a skeptical room. Inside the room was a robot. It came to them and said, “Three doors you shall seek for the final answer written in stone.” Emily said, “It must be a riddle?” They found a silver door that said, ‘beware or find yourself in a peril situation’. The girls ignored the sign and went in.
After walking for a long time, they were confronted with three doors. They did not know where each one led to. Do they choose a door and lead themselves into danger like the sign said, or stay in the room for the rest of their lives? The girls all agreed they should take the risk together.
Each door had an engraved sign on the front. They thought back to the riddle “three doors you shall seek for the final answer written in stone”. They all agreed that they should choose the first door. As they went in it led them back around and back out the second door. They all thought it must be door 3. So, they went in, and it led them back to the city! They ran the rest of the way back in excitement. When they got home, their parents saw them. The girls and their parents ran up to each other, as they were so excited to be back home. They all celebrated their return home. The adventure they had, was one of the best things that had ever happened to them.


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