The Life Of A Bee

The life of a bee is the length of a dwarf.
Its tiny frame and tiger coloured fur makes it stand out,
Yet its only defence ends its life.
However, we don’t notice the life of a bee.

The humongous distance the tiny tissue paper wings of a bee travels is incomprehensible,
Yet we swat them with our bug spray and fly swats to protect our flowers.
The sweet elixir of honey that bees devote their life to creating is magnificent,
Yet we come at them with our bee suits and steal their hives, killing their innocents.

The loyal devotion that the colourful swarm has,
Reflects poorly on humans take and forget lifestyle.
The willingness to sacrifice themselves for their queen is really,
The only relatable thing humans and bees have in common.

Humanity devours species like it will prevent Armageddon,
However, it is what will cause Armageddon.
Humanity is a curse that poisons the Earth,
And the sooner we leave the sooner the Earth will prosper.


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