If Subjects Could Talk

If we could talk, we would be gossiping a lot about you. Not only you but your friends too. When we say ‘gossip’ we don’t mean just about your social life, but your study life. If we could talk, we would say things like, oh no you failed this, too bad you failed that and oh my god isn’t that a year 3 question. Dude, you’re in year 8 and you can’t do that? Are you really being serious? If you were to go to school but pay no attention to the lesson, why don’t you just leave? No one needs a kid that just won’t learn. The parents could spend that money on other things too. The parents would be able to have more money to buy things they need without worrying about you. Even though it sounds exciting, we don’t know about the teacher’s wallets though, all we see is flies in there once you all leave (no offence teachers). Lucky for you, we don’t talk. We don’t talk about how your study style is messed up or how long it takes you to do a ten questions homework. So, we really think that it is the best idea would be to start that homework of yours before this really comes true.



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