Deep Blue

The ripples on the surface of the water from the current cast waving and flickering shadows in the water as light penetrated through the water, illuminating everything in sight. The young fish swam through the woody root-like structures in the water, his tail muscles flexing and flicking left and right as he propelled himself the water.
His elder brothers and sister joyfully swam up in the open water above. His father swam around with his older children, his long tail swishing through the water like a ribbon being blown by wind. The large peaceful shark-like creature swam past the roots the young fish was amongst, his silver body reflecting the light coming from the sky above and with a quick and sharp flick of his tail, he shot of out of sight. It seemed like it was going to be a good day.
Suddenly, a large shadow swam into sight. It was the shadow or a large beast, rumored amongst them to lurk around these waters. All of the young fish’s instincts pointed to one thing. Swim. As fast as possible.
The young fish whipped around and shot off. He felt the presence of the large creature behind him, gaining on him. He made a sharp turn around a rock hoping to lose the monster, but to no avail. The creature stayed on his tail, not falling for any sharp angled turns or attempts to lose him. The young fish began to panic. He swam straight up directly to the surface, the large dark blue monster right behind him. The monster scattered the other fish, but the monster was fixed on this one young fish.
The young fish jumped out of the water, hoping to lose the monster, but alas, his attempt bore him no fruit. The monster leaped out of the water, its blue body shown off by the bright light they know as the sun, intensifying the brilliant blood red stripes on its tail. And as fast as it begun, the young fish disappeared down the monster’s gullet. With a splash, it landed back in the water, sending large waves over the surface of the water.
A soft plop could be heard over the tumbling water coming from a filter outlet as the betta swam back down to rest within the grassy floor of the aquarium after such a labor- intensive meal. “MOM!” A young boy cried, turning around to face his mother who was watching television on the sofa. “I think Hydro just ate Twinkies baby……”


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