The clouds blanketed the charcoal sky, as the moon arose with all its light shining within the earth’ to mark the end of the day. Blue was in her room doing her homework in utter boredom. Blue was an average teenage girl who loved pastel colours. She was born with long wavy hair, under that ocean were two sapphires. She wore a puffy jacket and a short skirt. *Ding Dong* the sound from the door . She arose from her desk and ran downstairs. Blue peeked through the marble door till she realised who it was…

“Hi, can I help you…” Blue spoke nervously

“Hello miss, we are here for an inspection” said one of the men.

Blue stopped, she was nervous then slowly she stepped aside to make way for the men.

“MOM come to the door” Blue shouted trying no to make a scene.

Her mom stopped cooking, she dusted herself off and went to the men. Blue went back to her room. *Knock Knock*

“Hey Blue, do you want to go for a walk?” Ash asked.

Ash lived with Blue and her mum as for Amber’s parents they went on a business trip.

“Sure..”remarked Blue as she was doing something on her phone with absolutely no interest in Amber’s question.

The two friends walked outside into the Lakeside forest just outside of their town.

The leaves rustled in the chilly breeze. As the two friends talked along the damp forest. A strange voice echoed Blue and Amber slowly tiptoed to the source if the noise

“Wait Ash?... “ Amber shouted

“Yeah!” Ash replied stopping whatever she was doing

Blue hugged Ash in excitement. Ash had messy brown straight hair unlike amber she had long wavy blonde hair. All the leaves in Ash's hair looked like she was doing something ridiculous.

“What are you doing?” blue questioned

“Oh just-” Ash stuttered
A beeping noise interrupted Ash...

‘Breaking News a 5 teenagers have just been reported missing inside Lakeside forest’ said the speaker on the news

“Anyways, I gotta go uh… come to my house tomorrow BYE!!!” Ash ran into a direction that led deeper into the forest

Which was strange for Amber and Blue. The next day Blue and Amber walked to Ash’s house. Blue was so busy on her phone she didn’t listen to Amber at all which annoyed Amber. They knocked on the door and then Ash answered Blue smirked as she went with Amber inside. The friends sat in awkwardness.

“Anyways guys… I gotta finish that assignment see ya!” Blue went outside and ran back to her house.

“Ok that was weird” Ash said as Amber looked at Blue running through the window

Meanwhile Blue was in her room writing in her diary.

It was nearly midnight and Blue was getting ready to go, so she called Ash to meet up at the forest. Quickly and quietly Blue went to the forest. Amber was outside

“Oh… Hi Amber do you want to go to the forest” Blue nervously asked

“Yeah sure” Amber replied suspiciously

The friends walked to the forest.



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