Mums Secret Attic

It was a stormy night, i woke up to realize that mum was gone, i really had no idea where she went but all i new is that i was terrified. Thunder bolted as i walked around the house, lightning struck right infront of me shattering a window into smithereens. I bent down to clean the glass but with a glint, i saw something 'Well what do we have here?' I questioned in utter wonder, i quriously, i unravelled it to see that is was an old map on mums house! On it marked a big red 'X' on the top left corner, 'Ooh' i wondered 'Is there some secret treasure in this house?' thats when i realised that this was in the attic! There was only one way to find out.

The rain had now only slightly stopped, with the map in one hand and a flash light in the other, i slowly began to ferret into the mess (The attic had never been clean) . Its been a hour and i still found nothing! I was so frustrated that i wanted to quit until i stumbled acrss a lifted floorboard, my heart was beating so fast! 'Was this the hidden treasure I looked for?' I bent down and lifted it up. I saw a perfectly polished golden box with pearls on it! When i bent down to pick it up, i heard a loud BANG! Suddenly, the floor bedan to tremble, it felt like an earthquake! I tried to put the box back, but it was to shaky! Had i disturbed this box from resting?

I was panicking i screamed for help, but then i realised that mum wasnt home. Withs hands shaking, i opened the box and suddenly everything when black!


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