Birthday Of Millennium

It was 3024, and I was in my history class listening to my teacher talk about the best birthday party ever celebrated. This party was unique because it was from a thousand years ago (when everyone had to carry enormous plastic machines that they called phones), but unimaginably this party was even better than a modern party.

In 2024, King Charles wanted to find a way to make sure he had the best birthday party in history. I used to think this was all a fake story like the easter bunny, but that night when I fell off the balcony, everything changed…

I woke up in an ancient-style mansion by myself. I walked over to a mirror and stared at myself. Somehow, I had morphed into the body of King Charles. I was horror-struck for a minute, and then I called out to see if anyone was in the mansion.

Almost instantaneously, a butler came into my room. I quickly devised a plan and put it into action. I told the butler I was going to ask him a quiz on my life so that I could get information. In the end, I asked him where my phone was. He gave me my phone and I almost fell over when he told me it was October 4th 2024.

I horrifically understood that the best birthday of all time was in a month, and I was meant to plan it since it was technically ‘my’ birthday. I finally collected myself and went to one of my hundred and one staff members and told them that I wanted to organize a party for five million people.

The first thing I got was a personal party planner and quickly arranged that my party planner would create the menu, when I remembered that if you change a single thing in the past it’s going to change a lot in the future so I decided to go back home.

I suddenly realized that as much fun as I had, I have to go back home. I didn’t know how to get home when an idea popped into my head. If I entered this strange place in time by waking up then if I sleep I’ll wake up in my home, so I quickly went to my bed and fell asleep

When I woke up I was in the hospital since I had broken my skull and was in coma. When I told everyone I had time-travelled everyone just thought that I was hallucinating.

When I went back to school my friends filled me in on what happened at King Charles's birthday party and I couldn’t believe it. His party was a brilliant disco with millions of people and loads of food.

King Charles even famously invented the microchips that are implanted in everyone's bodies like the ones we have today. Then, I realized that I had switched bodies with King Charles, and I wondered if it would ever happen again...


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