A Piece : Official Trailer

20 years ago...
The great Pirate King stood in the middle of the execution dock. The executioners prepared to slice his head off... In his final moments, a member of the crowd watching the execution called out to the Pirate King. "Hey, Pirate King! Where's all your treasure?" Upon hearing this, the Pirate King burst into a laugh. "You want my treasure? You can have it! I hid it on the final island, all in a piece! But first... you'll have to sail! Across the vast oceans and across the Diva into the New World. What are you waiting for? Come and get it!" And with this last breath, the executioners' swords swung...
and cut the great Pirate King's head off.
A Piece : The Series beginning soon!

Story Arcs :
Adventure Dawn Arc
Royal Skydome Arc
Caratie Prison Arc
Marine Fort Arc
Sentomauru Island Arc
Saturn Island Arc
Lileptorontea Arc
Buster Falls Arc
Kanou Arc
Onigirishima Arc
Hakai Arc
Grand Country Arc
Megapunk Arc
Penultimate Saga
Final Saga

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