A Piece Adventure Dawn Chapter 2 : The Kershd Land

In an island in the New World...
As the fight between Leon and Marvel continued, the Heavens continued to split and the seas crumbled before the two mighty powers. "You think a fruit will rule the World? Nay... it's Aura that trumps all! Aura!" called out Leon as Marvel turned a ship into a monster by giving it a soul. Leon lifted his sword and after a split-second of hesitation, the sword burst into crimson with black and red lightning crackling out of it. Marvel did the same with his savage-sword but the lightning coming out was black and purple. As their swords collided into each other, the lightning from each sword combined and erupted into a gigantic halo of Aura, both beautiful and destructive at the same time. This battle raged on for what seemed like years... but finally Leon was done.
"I have business to attend to at the Kershd Land... I will see you again... and next time, it won't be pretty!" he called as he jumped into his ship and sailed away towards the Kershd Land.
In a small stretch of sea in between Green Island and The Kershd Land...
A small dinghy was sailing through the winds and the waves towards the sinister lands in the distant... the Kershd Land. After struggling against the wind for a long time, the dinghy finally came at a stop on the shores of the Kershd Land. Arc stepped out of the dinghy and scouted the land. There were many villages and towns toward the left side... but on the right side, there were many village and towns that were reduced to rubble. "He must have gone this way," said Arc as he trudged towards the right path. After walking for a while, he came to a stop near a giant pyramid. Hundreds of thousands of people were watching the top of the pyramid. On the top of the pyramid, black and red lightning was erupting out, forming ripples on the base of the pyramid. The people who touched the ripples suddenly passed out. Arc knew who must be on the top of the pyramid. Leon. An Emperor of the Sea whos Aura was so strong that it collapsed enemies miles away. Arc smirked. He had been chasing this Emperor since a week ago when he first stowed away on a Marine Battleship. Arc's dream was to become the Pirate King. And he must best all others to become it. Arc figured he should start big. He ascended the pyramid as the awed citizens watched. He climbed to the top and sure enough... there was Leon, with his saber and the black and red lightning. "I've come... to best you! To challenge you and to topple you... to defeat you and become the King of the Pirates!" yelled Arc as he drew his sword. Leon watched, amused as he too drew his sabre. Instantly, Arc jumped on Leon and tried to decapitate him but Leon easily parried his blow. The force of the impact blasted Arc backwards. Arc got back on his feet and readied his sword.
"Divine Two Waterfalls Mountain Topple!!!" he yelled. The force from the slash emanated from the attack was strong enough to split the mountains in the distant. But Leon blocked it like it was a cockroach. "Enough playing around. Time to get serous," Leon mused as he raised his sword.
"Conquest of the Paramount Nation!" Leon cried. The attack was so powerful that it split open the pyramid and decimated the land below. Arc fell off the pyramid, unconscious from the blow and landed hard on the ground. But the attack wasn't finished. As soon as Arc hit the ground, gigantic bolts of black and red lightning emanated from Leon's sword into an arc, forming a dragon as it came down upon Arc, blasting him away from the ground and into the sea.
A few hours later...
Arc drifted onto the shore of Green Island. He woke up with a start. What had happened? He had been completely destroyed from a single attack from Leon. He grimaced. "Maybe I've gotta start closer to the bottom..." he said, "...I wasn't strong enough to beat Leon... but I soon will!"

TO BE CONTINUED... in the Next Arc of A Piece : Royal Skydome Arc!!!



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