A Piece Royal Skydome Chapter 1 : God Of The Sky

BOOM! The final marine was defeated. Arc stood back up, panting heavily. Ever since his defeat on the Kershd Land by the hands of Leon, he vowed to get stronger to defeat him. So he had been infiltrating Marine Bases and defeating multiple marines just to train for the last few months. Now, he had decided that he was ready and he headed towards Royal Skydome, where the coronation of Rumbar II and Reyna II was about to begin. There would be a lot of marines guarding the Dome so he knew it would be a good challenge for him.
Arc's ship made landfall at the base of the Oni Mountain. The Skydome was at the summit of the Mountain. But scaling the Mountain was out of the question. The only way up was through a waterfall that went upwards. However, Arc's ship had run aground and could not move. Arc was stuck on the base of the mountain.
All of a sudden, a loud noise erupted out of the Skydome. Suddenly, clouds appeared and a golden staircase appeared. Walking on the staircase was a brilliant figure that was obscured by the clouds and the silhouette was only just visible. It had to be around four metres tall, it had shining wings and a brilliant halo around its head. As the figure neared Arc, Arc readied his sword. Clouds parted and revealed the figure. It was a dazzling man who looked in his 40s though his height was otherworldly. Arc tightened his grip on his sword and swung. Quickly, the clouds bunched together and repelled the slash. Then, the clouds parted and the man dashed forward... before striking Arc down. Arc toppled down the staircase and fell to a stop at the end. He raised his sword.
"Heavenly Destruction!" yelled the man. A brilliant beam of white and gold blasted towards Arc. Arc quickly blocked the beam but it reflected straight back and blasted Arc off his feet. "Who are you? asked Arc angrily as blood streamed from his mouth. "I am Skye... the God of the Sky! One of the Three Elders... I rule the Dome," replied Skye. His voice was soothing and smooth though his expression showed otherwise. Arc got back up and cried "Reverie Slash!" The slash rushed towards Skye but he blocked it. The slash was sent flying into the staircase and ricocheted towards Arc. Arc couldn't block it and once again, he was knocked off the staircase and into the sea. In the distance, Arc spotted a pirate ship and a Marine Battleship. Skye also saw it. "If you'll excuse me, I'll go destroy that pirate ship now," Skye said. Skye started flying towards the ship but Arc quickly got up and yelled "Demon Slicer!" The blow knocked Skye out of the sky and he quickly plummeted towards the ocean. "Divine Two Waterfalls Mountain Topple!" cried Arc as Skye fell. The attack blew Skye deep into the sea. The blue ocean was now spotted with golden blood. Suddenly, an injured Skye rose out of the sea. "This isn't the last time we'll meet," mused Skye as he ascended towards the heavens and out of sight. Arc watched Skye for a while before he started climbing up the staircase and into the Dome.
In the ocean near the Skydome...
The pirate ship swayed from side to side as it dodged the cannonballs from the Marine Battleship. The captain of the Astral Pirates, Astra, came out and tried to destroy the Marine Battleship but it was blocked by a giant, golden palm.
Out of the battleship rose a gigantic, golden Buddha. It was Geppoux using his fruit. The Astral Pirates screamed as Geppoux slammed down his giant fist.
The pirate ship was destroyed and the Astral Pirates sank down into the ocean...

TO BE CONTINUED in Chapter 2.



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