A Piece Royal Skydome Chapter 2 : The New Age Of Pirates

In the Royal Skydome Palace...
The Coronation of Rumbar II and Reyna II was about to begin.
Inside the palace from where the coronation was to begin were some rookie pirates.
There was...
Fajita : A man worth $200,000,000 who wields the Gravity Fruit.
Oxford : A skilled swordsman with a bounty of $125,000,000 who uses two axes.
Law : A master tactician and surgeon with a bounty of $200,000,000 who wields the Operation Fruit and Koko, his katana.
Cypher : A cyborg with a bounty of $200,000,000 who wields the Lightning Fruit
Nayon : A fearsome pirate with a bounty of $350,000,000 who wields the Darkness Fruit.
'The Umbra' : A mysterious pirate with a bounty of $350,000,000 who wields the Shadow Fruit.
They were all looking on with boredom as the coronation began. As Rumbar II walked forward to receive his crown, a devastating noise filled the air. The pirates turned around as the wall of the palace suddenly broke down. Arc stepped out, gripping his sword. "Hey! This is my coronation! Show some respect, you peasant!" Rumbar II yelled angrily. Arc slowly walked out towards Rumbar II. "What is he doing?" whispered Cypher to Law. "What are you doing, brat?" spat Rumbar II as Arc neared him. Then, suddenly, Arc lifted his sword and slashed it downwards, turning the ground into rubble as the bleeding Rumbar II fell backwards from the blow. All the pirates gazed in awe. "What is that idiot doing?" hissed Nayon. Arc looked grimly upon the dazed Rumbar II. "There are marines coming in, I'll have you know. You'll be captured, you wretched pirate," hissed Rumbar II as he lay on the floor. Arc raised his sword again. BOOM! Another of the palace's walls fell down as the marines entered the palace along with the Cyborg Troop that helped the marines battle pirates. Geppoux stood in the center of the rubble and yelled, "Execute those pirates!"
Quickly, the seven pirates sprang into action. Fajita used his gravity powers to call down a meteorite while Oxford used his axes to slice up the marines. Law summoned a hemisphere of translucent blue before using his powers to slice up the marines and reposition their body parts. Cypher channeled lightning down and Arc used Divine Two Waterfalls Mountain Topple to strike down the remaining marine forces. Now all that remained was Geppoux and the Cyborg Troop. "Get them!" Geppoux commanded to the Cyborg Troop but the troop was easily destroyed by Nayon and 'The Umbra'. Geppoux suddenly transformed into a giant, golden Buddha and yelled, "Retribution Slam!" His giant, golden fist vibrated with seismic energy and slammed down upon the pirates. Quickly, Law teleported all the pirates away. Arc then raised his sword and used Demon Slicer which was countered by Geppoux's Justice Punch. As the palace began to fall, golden stairs began to appear. All of the pirates began to panic. Skye, the God of the Sky had appeared. "Run!" yelled Oxford. Fajita used his gravity powers to float away on a rock, Oxford hacked his way through the palace, Law teleported out, Cypher flew away on a jetpack, Nayon simply disappeared and 'The Umbra' used bats to fly him away. Arc also fled, using his sword to escape the palace. In the distance, Arc could hear a faint "After them!" but the pirates had escaped.
After the incident at the coronation, all the seven pirates involved became known as 'The Worst Generation'.
In the Marine HQ...
"Curse those daredevil pirates," mused Geppoux as he reviewed the new bounties for the Worst Generation. Fajita and Oxford's bounties had been raised to $250,000,000. Law and Cypher's bounties had been raised to $325,000,000,000. Nayon's bounty was now $440,000,000 and 'The Umbra' had his bounty rise to $470,000,000. But the highest bounty increase was Arc's. Now it was $500,000,000.

TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT Arc : Caratie Prison Arc



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