A Piece Caratie Prison Chapter 1 : Into The Fortress

The Four Emperors of the Sea were the strongest single forces of pirates in the sea. All of them had incredibly high bounties and power and each used a powerful fruit and ruled over an island with an iron fist.
They were:
King Egghead : $5,109,000,000 Bounty, Ruler of Egghead Falls, wielder of the Tremor Fruit.
Marvel : $4,982,167,000 Bounty, Ruler of Grand Country, wielder of the Soul Fruit.
Leon : $4,816,196,692 Bounty, Ruler of Lileptorontea, an incredible swordsman who uses a saber and wields the Dragon Fruit.
Sabre : $4,516,614,587 Bounty, Ruler of Hakai, a swordsman who uses the Leopard Fruit.
In the past week, one of King Egghead's subordinates was captured by the marines and sent to jail at Caratie Prison and was soon to be executed. King Egghead decided to gather his crew to free his subordinate and wreck havoc against the marines. In return, Geppoux and his fleet of marines decided to meet King Egghead in battle and stop him. As the date for the execution neared, both the marine and pirate forces made landfall at the Marine Fort, where the execution was to happen. Arc had tried to stowed away on one of the marine boats so he could help Egghead retrieve his subordinate. But Geppoux had spotted Arc and thus ensued an epic battle.
Geppoux, mad at Arc for disrupting the coronation at Royal Skydome, instantly knocked him out with Retribution Slam. With no time to waste because of the execution, Geppoux had sent Arc straight into Caratie Prison.
In Caratie Prison, cell 2 on Level 3...
Arc woke up, chained to the ground. His memory quickly came back to him. A giant, golden fist striking him and knocking him out. Where was he now? He was in the most heavily guarded place on the sea... Caratie Prison. Arc struggled to undo his chains. His sword had been confiscated by the prison chief warden, Orochi. He wondered whether he could break out of this prison... but no one had ever done that before. He put all his willpower into breaking open the chains and all of a sudden, black and red lightning crackled out of him, sending ripples through the air and cracking open both his chains and his cell. Arc gaped in awe at what he had done. He had seen the lightning before, when Leon had used it to destroy him. But now, it came out of him and he had no idea what it was. There was only one thing for sure, and that was that he could escape the prison now. As soon as he stepped out, an alarm sounded. He instantly recoiled at the sound but it was too late. The chief warden had realised that one of the convicts had escaped. Arc ran out, searching for a door to the outside world. But he couldn't find one. And suddenly, he came to a halt. Right in front of him was an immaculately dressed, stumpy man. His ugly face and messy hair spoiled his clothes and his height couldn't be much more than 160 centimetres. But this man was much more powerful than Arc could ever expect. The man quickly grabbed Arc by the neck and whipped him into the ground, causing the floor to start cracking apart. Arc yelped in pain. "Who are you?!" he demanded. "I am Orochi, the chief warden of this prison," replied the short man. Arc stood back up and was about to swing his sword when Orochi grabbed Arc's neck again. This time, Orochi's hand turned a sickening purple and began to liquify. BOOM! Orochi's hand exploded upon Arc, leaving a mess of purple poison on the ground. Arc fell backwards and tried to get back up. But he couldn't. The poison had reached into his mouth and he was wheezing in pain as the poison neared his heart. Arc was about to die. "Chloro Frenzy!" called Orochi. An eruption of venom exploded out of Orochi's arm and struck Arc hard. More venom went into his mouth as the ground below him gave way and he fell down to Level 2 of the Prison. As Arc wheezed in panic, his vision began to blur and he stumbled blindly, aimlessly calling for help before he fainted.
Arc awoke again, this time on the floor of Level 2. What was going on? Was this heaven? Arc thought he was dead from the venom but he realised that another person was looking at him. "Are you feeling better?" croaked the person. "I'm fine," whispered Arc, who still felt pain, "Who are you? And how am I not dead?" The person laughed at Arc's question. "I am Ivo, of the Revolutionary Army. I was locked up in here due to being affiliated with the Revolutionary Army but your fall broke open my cell and I escaped. I used my fruit, the Heal Fruit, to save you from the poison," he said. Arc was about to question Ivo about the Revolutionary Army when Orochi appeared again. "How are you not dead? My Venom Fruit should've made quick work of you!" cursed the short man. Ivo stood up and glared at Orochi. "Say, shall we make an alliance to defeat this wretched midget?" asked Ivo to Arc. Arc agreed and they stood together, united, against the short man. Orochi cackled before his entire body began to pulsate and turn into venom. Arc stared, horrified, as Orochi turned into a giant hydra made out of venom. Ivo did not look scared though. He leapt into the air and kicked the hydra in one of the heads. Orochi moaned from the impact but nothing more. While Orochi was distracted, Arc retrieved his sword and yelled, "Demon Slicer!" but his sword got stuck into the sticky body of Orochi. "Toxic Geyser!" cried Orochi. A giant geyser made of venom exploded at Arc but he dodged it just narrowly. "What do we do? His body is too resistant!" whimpered Ivo. But Arc had a plan. He leapt into the air and roared, "Spinning Blade!" Arc's sword began to spin by itself and it telekinetically pierced into Orochi, digging through the venom. Orochi shrieked but it was useless, a mix of venom and blood splurged out of Orochi's chest. The hydra fell over and turned back into a human. Orochi groaned as he lay on the ground, blood pouring out of his chest. But he stood up again, determined to make a final stand against Arc. But before Orochi could kill Arc, Ivo did a spinning leap into the air and kicked Orochi into the prison wall, knocking him out. Arc and Ivo both escaped and descended to Level 1, where they parted ways as they left the prison.
Meanwhile on Marine Fort...
The War on Marine Fort had begun...

TO BE Continued in Chapter 2!



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