A Piece Caratie Prison Chapter 2 : The War On Marine Fort Begins

The War on Marine Fort had begun. King Egghead and his crew had sailed to Marine Fort in order to rescue their subordinate from the Marines. However, the Marines would not give up so easily even in the face of one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. Geppoux led the entire fleet of Marines into the Fort in order to face off against Egghead and to complete the execution of Marco, King Egghead's subordinate and right-hand man. However, unbeknownst to both the Marines and Egghead, there were two large ships off in the distance. Both of the ships bore a pirate flag and from the ship radiated powerful lightning.
Caratie Prison, Level 1...
After Ivo had disappeared from Arc's sight, Arc went back into the Prison. He had something on his mind. He wanted to infiltrate Marine Fort to help Egghead fight the Marines but there was a problem. He was too weak to face off against large troops of Marines so he decided to free some of the criminals in the Prison to help him fight in the Fort. And so, he got to work. He orchestrated a mass-release, releasing more than 40 prisoners on Level 1, 20 on Level 2 and 16 on Level 3. As the small legion was about to escape the prison, an enraged figure rose from the wall of the Prison. It was Orochi and he was not willing to let all the prisoners escape. All four of the wardens, along with Orochi himself gathered near the exit of the Prison. Orochi had told the wardens that they would be fighting the prisoners together. But he was lying. Orochi had devised a plan to stop the prisoners from escaping, he would use his Venom Fruit and consume all four of the wardens to increase his strength and use his hydra form to defeat all the prisoners. The prisoners came to a stop near the wardens. As they prepared for battle, Orochi quickly transformed into his hydra form before consuming the souls of all his wardens. They screamed as they were sucked into Orochi, their arms flailing uselessly as they were no more, absorbed into the venomous hydra. Suddenly, the hydra became massive in size and quickly gained more and more heads. The hydra grew so large that it broke through the roof of Level 1 and into Level 2. Arc gasped at the transformation. "Poison Storm!" roared the hydra. The air around the prisoners turned purple and thickened, trapping in all the prisoners. Then, rain began to fall from purple clouds situated around one of the hydra's necks. Not normal rain. It was acid rain, purple and boiling as it struck the ground, melting away the floor. The prisoners screamed but there was no escape from this cage of acid. Arc gripped his sword tighter and used it to deflect incoming acid rain. However, his sword began to corrode away and he knew he must act quick. He leapt into the air, dodging the rain that fell and struck at one of the clouds. The cloud parted and some of the rain began to disappear. He aimed for another cloud but he shrieked as the rain struck him. His flesh began to sizzle and melt away as his vision became blurred. He tried to stand up but another acid droplet hit him, working its way towards his heart. Arc screamed in pain and tried to take out the poison but his fingers also started melting. Orochi laughed in amusement. "Venom Road!" he called. A long, wide path appeared in front of Orochi. It was made of poison! The prisoners trapped in the path yelled with pain as they were stuck in the poison, unable to move as their skin began to fade. Arc, flared with anger, forgot about his pains and gripped his sword. "Heaven Splitter!" he yelled as he slashed his sword. A yellow slash shot out and struck Orochi, slicing him in half, making blood and venom erupt out of the hydra's body. Orochi writhed in pain but Arc wasn't finished. "Celestial Dragon!" roared Arc. A gleaming dragon shot out of Arc's sword, curling up before striking Orochi, exploding and knocking him back. Orochi, knocked out, reverted back to his human form as all the venom and poison around him disappeared. Even the venom that went into Arc's body was gone! Arc gazed around. The prisoners he had enlisted to help him in the war were all dead. Arc sighed as he trudged out of the prison. He hijacked one of the boats and headed towards Marine Fort. For today, Egghead would not be fighting alone.
On the shores of Marine Fort...
The two pirate ships made landfall. Out of one of the ships came Leon. The other, Sabre. As the two Emperors headed into the Fort, lightning crackled from them. Three of the Emperors were present on Marine Fort, ready for war.

TO BE CONTINUED In the Next Arc : Marine Fort Arc



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