A Piece Marine Fort Chapter 2 : My Legacy

The War on Marine Fort rages on...
Geppoux faced Arc once again as Marco flew to battle Leon. "Divine Departure!" roared Arc. He flew through the air and sliced Geppoux in half. Geppoux screamed in pain but he used his powers to fix himself, though not without losing a lot of blood. Arc panted in exhaustion as he readied himself to attack again. But suddenly, once again, red-and-black lightning crackled into the skies, splitting open the heavens as the lightning clashed against each other. The force of the lightning knocked Arc out completely. Geppoux was also frozen and so was Marco along with all the other marines also began to collapse. The lightning faded before another blast devastated the skies, cracking it open. Three of the Emperors of the Sea, all on Marine Fort, was too powerful a force to be reckoned with. As the lightning faded again, Marco regained his flight towards Leon. Geppoux chased him, as the marines watched in anticipation. Then, all of a sudden, red-and-black lightning shot out of Arc's body, splitting into many branches and rippling the air as he had done in Caratie Prison, though this one was many times the magnitude. The lightning reached Geppoux and temporarily froze him. "Woah, the pirate rookie can also use Aura?!" cried Kuroshochi, one of the Admirals of the marine force, in astonishment. "And with such power... even freezing commander Geppoux!" gasped Aramaki, another of the Admirals. Arc awoke and sped towards Leon with Marco, ready to go another round. Leon stepped out of the three-Emperor fight to battle the incoming Marco and Arc. Marco transformed into a phoenix and shot blazing beams of blue flames towards Leon as Arc sped towards Leon. "Divine Departure!" he roared. But Leon easily parried away Arc's strike and he dodged the beams of blue fire. Leon smirked as a giant pulse of red-and-black lightning, also known as Aura, spurt out of Leon, freezing Marco and Arc. "Conquest of the Paramount Nation!" yelled Leon. The force of the blow toppled Marco and Arc into the ocean though Marco carried Arc back. Meanwhile, Sabre battled King Egghead. King Egghead was easily advancing on Sabre as he struggled to fight back. Sabre used his Magnet Fruit powers to summon metal scraps to fight Egghead but Egghead used 'Tremor Blast' to knock them all away. Now, cornered and defeated, Sabre tried to run but Egghead would not let him. "Crust Destroyer!" he yelled and Sabre fell to the ground, defeated. Egghead was about to destroy Sabre when Geppoux arrived and used 'Retribution Fist' to knock Egghead back. Egghead, bleeding from the intense battle, tried to stand back up but Sabre and Leon advanced upon him, their swords poised to strike. "Your era... has ended!" they cried as they swung their swords, connecting to his neck and decapitating Egghead. "NO!" yelled Marco, tears streaming down his face. "I knew it would end soon... but I have left a lasting legacy... may my spirit still live on..." were the last words of Egghead as he finally died. Marco wept in demise as Sabre and Leon, triumphant, headed back to their ships. But they didn't get there. Another blast of Aura filled the air, this time it was black-and-purple. It was so powerful it froze Leon, Sabre and Geppoux and all the people on the island. It was Marvel, another of the Four Emperors. "All Four Emperors on here! Well, I guess one is now dead, but look at his Aura, it was so strong it even froze his fellow Emperors!" cried Greenbull, one of the Admirals.
"I've come... to put an end to this war," shouted Marvel and another wave of Aura filled the air, knocking Arc out once more.

Arc awoke on Green Island. "What am I doing here?" he asked. Marco turned to him, tearful. "Now that my master has died, I guess I have nothing to do... I'll give you an offer. I want to train you so you can avenge my master... do you accept?" said Marco. Arc agreed. It was the dawn of another story...

In the Marine HQ...
"So Buster, the golem with a bounty of $3,984,762,041, will be replacing Egghead as the new Emperor?" asked Geppoux. The marines nodded. "Well... how will we deal with our busted Fort? Marine Fort has been destroyed from the aftermath of Marvel's attack," continued Geppoux. "Of course we'll fix it," was the reply.

In an island in the New World...
A mysterious figure stepped out of a building. "Well, I guess the marines are getting strong," said the figure. The figure gazed into the sunset for a while before turning around to the man behind him. "Go gather the Army, Ivo. We need to be ready," said the mysterious figure. "Yes, sir," replied Ivo as he hurried back into the building. The mysterious figure picked up the newspaper. The headline said 'Worst Generation Gathered at Sentomauru to battle Emp-". The rest of the headline was obscured by the figure's hand. The figure smirked before returning into the building.
The building that had a sign on the top of it.
A sign that read, "Revolutionary Army".

TO BE CONTINUED In the next Arc : Sentomauru Arc



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