A Piece Sentomauru Chapter 2 : The Shores Of Sentomauru

In the shores of Sentomauru...
Four pirate ships gathered on one side of the giant island known as Sentomauru. On the other side, there was one colossal ship. Out of the four ships stepped out Fajita, Oxford, Law and Cypher. These 4 were members of the Worst Generation and had helped Arc battle the marines at the Royal Skydome. This time around, they had formed an alliance to defeat Leon, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, and his crew, who had arrived at Sentomauru a few hours ago. The Halo Pirates was Leon's crew and it consisted of over 6,000 members. But Leon had only brought his Elite Officers with him. Leon and his Elite Officers had arrived at Sentomauru to make it their territory. The citizens of Sentomauru had made a distress call, which was intercepted by Fajita who reached out to Oxford, Law and Cypher to help him battle Leon. And now, the battle was beginning.
In the centre of Sentomauru, Town Square...
Leon had already defeated the king and his guards. He stood in the centre of the Town Square, in the midst of the frightened crowd. "From here on, I will rule Sentomauru! You civilians carry on your daily work. Officers, take this incompetent king away!" he roared. Immediately, the citizens of Sentomauru protested and rebelled, yelling at the Emperor. "Silence!" yelled one of the Elite Officers, but his voice was drowned out by the yells of the crowd. Suddenly, a massive wave of red-and-black lightning, also known as Aura, appeared and branched out to the entire Town Square. All voices were immediately dissolved and everyone was frozen, though a few were knocked out. And that was when Fajita launched himself at Leon. Leon saw Fajita and blocked his assault using his saber, which crackled with Aura. "Meteor Pitch!" shouted Fajita. Using his Gravity Fruit powers, a giant meteor came smashing down onto Leon. He wasted no time and immediately cut apart the meteor, causing debris to fall everywhere. Suddenly, a translucent, blue hemisphere appeared and Law teleported next to Fajita, his sword, Koko, poised to strike. "Countershock!" cried Law. Electricity arrived at Law's fingertips, sparking with power. And, suddenly, like a defibrillator, electricity poured out of Law's hands, branching and forking away, striking Leon and knocking him back. Then, Oxford appeared out of the crowd, wielding his twin axes. "Execution Slash!" he yelled. Oxford swung both his axes but it was parried away by Leon. Then, storm clouds appeared. "Lightning Storm!" yelled Cypher from above, flying with his jetpack. Lightning bolts appeared and struck Leon down. Cypher then landed down with the rest of the Worst Generation, standing united against Leon. "Conquest of the Paramount Nation!" bellowed Leon. A massive slash came at the Worst Generation but it was blocked by Law's 'Amputate'. Then, Aura appeared, cracking away the skies as it flashed towards the Worst Generation. The Aura struck Fajita and Oxford, knocking them backwards. Law teleported away and Cypher flew to the air. Leon rose and called forth his Elite Officers : Killer, Wire and Heat. "I'll deal with Leon. Oxford, you take Killer. Law, you take Wire. Cypher, you take Heat," mused Fajita. And off they went. But the Elite Officers were much stronger than the rookie pirates had anticipated.

TO BE CONTINUED In Chapter 3 : The Fragmented Kingdom



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