A Piece Sentomauru Chapter 3 : The Fragmented Kingdom

The Halo Pirates were an incredibly powerful crew that resided mainly in the largest of their 31 territories : Lileptorontea. There was hierarchy in this crew due to it having over 6,000 members. Firstly, there was Executive Governor-General, which contained only Leon. Then, there was the Supreme Officers, a group of 4 of Leon's strongest members. Each of the Supreme Officers lead one of four Divisions. The second-in-command of each Division was the Elite Officers, a group of 24 members. Each division had 6 Elite Officers. Next, there were Officers, a group of 80 members. Each division contained 20 Officers. Next, there were the Commissioners, a band of 240 members. Each division contained 60 Commissioners. Next, there were Generals, a cluster of 1,000 members. Each division contained 250 Generals. Then, there were Lieutenants, a batch of 2,000 members. Two Lieutenants were assigned to each General. Lastly, there were Corporals, a group of over 2,700 members. They were the baseline of the crew. Recently, Leon and three of his Elite Officers had come to Sentomauru to capture it and use it as an operations base for Division II. However, four of the Worst Generation had come to protect Sentomauru. And thus, a battle ensued.
Sentomauru Live Floor, Stage 3...
Killer wielded a scythe that had poison at its tip. Oxford carried two battle axes that made quick work of anyone that crossed him. "Execution Slash!" roared Oxford. The blow was parried by Killer's scythe. "Song of the Dead!" bellowed Killer. His scythe turned a sickening green and it vibrated as though it was possessed. Killer slashed his scythe at Oxford but Oxford dodged the attack. "Fury Cut!" yelled Killer. Once again, Oxford dodged the attack. Oxford ran at Killer before shouting, "Sonic Slash!". The attack struck Killer into the Stage, breaking open the wall. Killer was down.
Sentomauru Live Floor, Stage 1...
Law continued to pursue Wire. "ROOM!" called Law. A blue, translucent hemisphere was summoned. "Shambles!" he yelled. Law teleported next to Wire. Wire took out his gun and shot but Law deflected it with Koko, his katana. "Scalpel!" roared Law. He dashed forward and in a quick motion, took out Wire's heart. "Ow!!" squealed Wire. Law then proceeded to squeeze Wire's heart. Wire fell down onto the ground, also defeated.
Sentomauru Live Floor, Stage 2...
Cypher aimed the cybernetic enhanced scopes on his arms. Out shot two darts. Heat dodged the first one but was struck by the second. As Heat was tasered and electrocuted from the dart, Cypher closed in. "Lightning Storm!" he yelled. Lightning bolts struck Heat, toppling him. Heat quickly jumped back up and kicked Cypher but the attack did nothing to Cypher's cyborg head. "Rising Bolt!" Cypher yelled. A lightning bolt struck Heat before exploding. Heat was also defeated.
Sentomauru Town Square, Podium...
Leon watched as his Elite Officers fell, left and right. Fajita had almost caught up to him. "Nope, I guess I won't be taking Sentomauru now," he mused, "but it should've been mine, had I been born 400 years ago..." "What?" questioned Fajita. "I rule Lileptorontea, which used to be much bigger than it is now... because Sentomauru was part of it before. But then, a divine force split the island open..." explained Leon. As Fajita was confused, Leon disappeared back onto his ship. "I'll be at Lileptorontea!" cackled Leon as he sailed away.
On the other side of Sentomauru, another ship came.
And Arc stepped out of that ship.

TO BE CONTINUED In Saturn Island Arc!!!



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