A Piece Saturn Island Chapter 1 : The Ancient Weapons

Sentomauru Town Square...
Arc had finished talking to Fajita, Oxford, Law and Cypher. They had agreed to merge their forces into a single army, the Silver Knight Alliance. They had over 3,000 members in the Alliance. The Alliance was split into 5 different Armies, each of 600 members and headed by one of the five members of the Worst Generation.
Red Army : the Army presided by Arc.
Purple Army : the Army presided by Fajita.
Green Army : the Army presided by Oxford.
Blue Army : the Army presided by Law.
Yellow Army : the Army presided by Cypher.
Their main goal was to defeat the evil Leon, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, and liberate Lileptorontea, an island in Paradise that was being tyrannised by Leon and his forces. And so, the Silver Knight Alliance got on 5 ships for each Army and together, they headed across the Old World-Paradise Diva and into Paradise. Sentomauru and Lileptorontea had been once together, as a bigger island. But the Old World-Paradise Diva had come out of nowhere and split the two islands apart from each other, Sentomauru in the Old World and Lileptorontea in Paradise. So if the Alliance headed southwards, they would reach Lileptorontea in a matter of hours. But they had not accounted for a huge storm that blew in the Diva, so strong that it pelted the 5 ships south-westwards. For days the storm continued, blowing them further and further south-west. Then after a week, when the rations on all five ships had almost disappeared, the fleet arrived, windswept, onto Saturn Island. Saturn Island was one of the island in Paradise, and it was known to be an island rich of knowledge of what had happened 400 years ago, otherwise known as the 'Void Century'. "Hey... this isn't Lileptorontea," muttered Oxford. "No... all the ships were heading south but the storm blew westward, carrying us south-west. The storm was stronger than our ships, so we blew more west than south. Which means... we're in Saturn Island," replied Law. The Alliance got off the ship and headed towards a nearby town.
Wirstminstric Town, Saturn Island...
The five members of the Worst Generation, along with the Red and Purple Armies had reached the town of Wirstminstric. The other Armies were stationed around the coastline, guarding the five ships in the case of an attack. Immediately, the villagers spotted them. "ARGHHHH! Pirates! Flee! Run for your lives! Pirates!!!" yelled the frightened villager. Bewildered, the other villagers stopped what they were doing and ran towards the hills. "Hey, wait!" called Fajita. But the villagers ran further and further. Then, the door of the shack next to Arc slowly creaked open. "Is there a problem? You just woke me up," muttered the old man who stepped out. He surveyed them. "What are you pirates doing on this island?" he questioned, peering at the Worst Generation and the Armies. "Well-" began Arc but he was cut off. "Because if you're gonna raid my home, I'm gonna make sure you pirates don't get back on your ships," mused the old man. "We don't mean any harm. Who are you?" questioned Oxford. "My name? I forgot my name... it's been decades since anyone ever called me by it. Instead, you may refer to me as the 'Landlord of Wirstminstric'. What do you want? Do you want to learn the happenings of the Void Century?" growled the Landlord of Wirstminstric. The pirates shook their heads, not knowing what he meant. "Well, the story begins with three immensely powerful weapons. So powerful that they could destroy the entire world when used all together. They were collectively known as the 'Ancient Weapons'. There were three immortal beings, Skye, Harbor and Fade... and each used one of the weapons. Skye, the God of the Sky, used the weapon known as 'The Traverser'. It allows the user to create stairs anywhere. Those stairs have warping powers... it can bend the fabric of space and teleport those on the stairs to the desire of Skye. Harbor used 'The Leviathan'. It allowed him to control the waves and summon an ancient sea creature that wreaked havoc upon all those met it. Fade used 'Terra Firma'. It allowed him to create more land and shift the earth beneath him. Now... there were two different kingdoms at the time, both wanting power. One of the kingdoms was named the 'Great Kingdom' while the other is unknown. The Great Kingdom was very powerful and it defeated its adversaries and became the rulers of the world. However, the unknown kingdom quickly became powerful. Skye, Harbor and Fade, who had the Ancient Weapons, were part of that unknown kingdom. Through the might of the Weapons, the Great Kingdom was defeated. And so, that unknown kingdom became the rulers of the world. Skye, Harbor and Fade each created and ruled their own islands using the Weapons. Skye had the Royal Skydome, Harbor had Onigirishima and Fade had Hakai. Then, at an unknown point, for an unknown reason, all three disappeared, and with them the Weapons. They had not been seen for almost three hundred years, until Skye finally showed himself at Royal Skydome. But there is another mystery to this tale. About three hundred years ago, the Diva was made. It was a three-way dividing range made of furious tides that split the seas into three bits - the Old World, Paradise and the New World. This, of course, was Harbor using 'The Leviathan' to split the world. But why? That has never been known," explained the Landlord of Wirstminstric. The pirates stood in silence, waiting for more. "We do not know any more," stated the Landlord abruptly. Then, Arc began to think back. He remembered going to the Royal Skydome and who did he battle first? It was Skye. And he remembered seeing the stairs. He shuddered in fear. If Skye was back, then Harbor and Fade were still out there. How much power did they have?

TO BE CONTINUED In the Next Chapter!!!



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