A Piece Saturn Island Chapter 2 : Raid! The Zoan Army

Saturn Island, coastline...
A fleet of sleek longships were quickly approaching Saturn Island. The Blue, Yellow and Green Armies of the Silver Knight Alliance quickly spotted them. Quickly, they sounded the alarm. "DANGER! THERE'S A FLEET OF ENEMY SHIPS APPROACHING THE ISLAND!!!!" Whilst waiting for back-up from the other Armies, they prepared to battle the oncoming longships.
Saturn Island, Town of Wirstminstric...
Arc heard the faint warning that was issued from the coastline. "Ships have arrived!" he cried out. The citizens of Wirstminstric, no longer scared of the pirates, looked towards the coast. "There's a fleet of no more than a dozen ships... those ships don't look like they can contain more than half a score of people at a time," analyzed one of the citizens. The Landlord stiffened. "It is as I feared... they have come," he muttered. "What? Who? Why do you fear it?" stammered one of the citizens. "We know too much of the Void Century. Doubtless, one of the Elders called upon a fleet to annihilate us!" the Landlord cried. A long silence filled the air after this remark before faint screams echoed from the coast. "They have come! I knew it! The trademark army of Fade, Elder of the Land... a battalion capable of demolishing even the most disciplined of army units! An army feared for centuries to come! It's the Zoan Army! An army of beasts! Each member of the army is equipped with a fruit - a fruit that allows them to transform themselves into an animal! Real, mythical or extinct - it's all possible! See, look!" yelled the Landlord, pointing at a soaring falcon in the sky that seemed to be swooping towards the coast. "It's the end!" sobbed the citizens. "No... I won't let them destroy you! I will defeat them!" Arc roared, full of resolve and determination. "Law, teleport us there," he instructed. Law conjured up his ROOM then teleported himself, Arc, Fajita, Oxford and Cypher to the coast. Then, he teleported the Red and Purple Armies onto the coast as well. "Prepare for an all-out battle!" cried Arc. "Fall back, Armies! Allow the Worst Generation to do their part!" yelled Fajita. The Zoan Army looked upon the Silver Knight Alliance. "The worst has yet to come," whispered one of the Zoan Army, "Geppoux is coming!" "We'll be out of here before he comes - and you'll be defeated!" bellowed Oxford angrily. "Well, bring it on!" called the one from the Zoan Army that spoke previously, before transforming into a colossal mammoth that towered over Arc's head. Arc sped towards the mammoth, his sword poised to strike. "Divine Departure!" he roared. The slash that emanated from the sword was powerful, but it didn't seem to be able to penetrate the mammoth's skin. "Prehistoric Punt!" croaked the mammoth. The mammoth stampeded into Arc, knocking him into the sea. Meanwhile, Fajita was on a rock that was flying, due to his Gravity Fruit powers. He had called upon meteors from the sky. The meteors fell and caused devastation to the earth below, destroying many of the Zoan Army below. However, the falcon that he was battling kept dodging them. "You accursed bird!" hissed Fajita. "Wing Slash!" Fajita's rock was cut in half from the slash that rocketed out of the falcon's wings. He fell, though he landed on top of a rock that he had caused to float. "Pressure!" Fajita cried. Gravity came onto the falcon on all sides, squeezing the falcon. "Harder!" called Fajita. The falcon continued to be squashed. "Help!" cried the falcon. Fajita huffed in frustration. The falcon wasn't being crushed to death, and he was running out of stamina. Fajita collapsed, out of stamina. The falcon flew free. "Feather Tornado!" cried the falcon. The falcon twisted itself at supersonic speeds, becoming a blur, before rocketing at Fajita. "Huff... huff... puff... Gravity Field!" cried Fajita. Gravity emanated from Fajita's body, pushing outwards. The force from the gravity struck the falcon, blasting it away onto the sands, defeated. Meanwhile, Oxford battled a huge mole that was roughly the size of a basketball player, though much more bulky. Oxford rushed to the mole, his twin axes held tight, before roaring, "Sonic Slash!" The mole parried the blow with its abnormally large claws. "Mole Slash!" roared the mole, clapping its paws together, causing its claws to slash down towards Oxford. Oxford dodged out of the way and was about to launch another attack when the mole burrowed into the ground. "You scaredy cat! Come back up!" cursed Oxford. The mole burrowed into a tunnel, then popped up behind Oxford. "Mole Slash!" This time, the attack struck true. The slash caused Oxford to bleed and be knocked down, deep into the sand. Oxford struggled back up, wiping away his blood, before roaring, "Sonic Slash!" The attack almost hit, but the mole dug into the ground again. Oxford panted. "That's it! Enough! You're going down!" bellowed Oxford. "Beheading Twin Axes!" Oxford's two axes began to spin incredulously fast on their own accord, before Oxford plunged both axes into the sand. The axes split open the ground, revealing the mole. The mole stopped mid-burrowing, aghast. "Execution Slash!" roared Oxford. The attack knocked the mole of its feet, defeated. Meanwhile, Law battled a cobra that was the size of a sumo wrestler. "Poison Spit!" called the cobra. Poison flew towards Law but he deflected it with Koko, his katana. "ROOM!" he called. The blue, translucent hemisphere appeared. Taking his chance, the cobra leapt at Law, twisting itself. It was about to take a bite onto Law's arm, when Law teleported away, causing the cobra to smash down to earth. "Levitate!" yelled Law. A boulder was lifted into the air telepathically before Law smashed it onto the cobra. The cobra dodged and lunged at Law. "Fang Swipe!" cried the cobra. Law jabbed Koko into the cobra's mouth, where the sword appeared out the top of its head. Law retracted the sword and the cobra fell, bleeding and defeated. Meanwhile, Cypher was battling a triceratops. "Lightning Storm!" he yelled. The attack missed as the triceratops sped towards Cypher. "Rising Bolt!" he yelled. The attack missed as the triceratops swerved out of the way. It bashed into Cypher. Cypher yelped as the metal coating on his leg fell off. "Triceratops Smash!" roared the triceratops. The triceratops smashed onto Cypher but Cypher flew out of the way. He aimed his scopes onto the triceratops. The darts flew out and tranquilised the triceratops. "Two Million Voltage Strike!" yelled Cypher. The attack defeated the triceratops.
Arc was still struggling against the mammoth, who had also single-handedly defeated the Armies. A smirk appeared on the mammoth's furry face. "Geppoux is here!" he cried. "Huff... the entire Zoan Army is defeated but you! We'll finish you off!" roared Arc defiantly. "Not with Geppoux here!" bellowed the mammoth as it swung its trunk.

TO BE CONTINUED In Chapter 3 : The Crumbling City



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