A Piece Lileptorontea Chapter 1 : The Cursed City

Under the cover of darkness, a fleet of four ships quietly made landfall on the island of Lileptorontea. The Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Armies had arrived on Lileptorontea, with one single goal in mind - to overthrow Lileptorontea. The fifth Army - the Purple Army - had sailed back across the Old World-Paradise Diva in order to find reinforcements - namely Marco, the right-hand man of the late King Egghead and the person who trained Arc in swordsmanship and Aura usage. As the light of the full moon peeked through the clouds, the Armies had gathered into a large, deserted warehouse near the coast. Law, the master tactician, explained his plan. "The Red Army must go to Cyber City in order to make a distraction whilst the Blue and Yellow Armies take over Metro City. At Metro City, we will create an outpost in order to attack towards Leon's Palace at a strategic angle. The Green Army must go and neutralise the guards of the Palace. By then, the Purple Army would have arrived. All Armies but the Green Army then must meet back in the outpost created at Metro City. Then, the four Armies charge towards the Palace in different directions while the Green Army go into the interior of the Palace to create a distraction. When there, the five armies shall battle Leon and his Halo Pirates and we shall reign supreme!" he explained. As the clock struck midnight, the Red Army headed towards Cyber City, the Blue and Yellow Armies began their stampede towards Metro City and the Green Army crept to the Palace. However, things would not turn out alright that night. The Red Army had penetrated Cyber City when gunshots were heard. "Fall back!" ordered Arc to his Army, but it was too late. Marines appeared out of nowhere. Arc struggled to fight back but the three Admirals - Kuroshochi, Greenbull and Aramaki were there. The brute force of the Admirals combined kept the Army at bay. While Arc hid, he heard distress calls echoing through the City - his Army was being captured. He must run to help his allies - but was it too risky? Arc took the plunge. He leapt out of his hiding spot where he was spotted by Aramaki. "Spinning Blade!" he yelled. Arc's sword propelled itself towards Aramaki but the Admiral made roots and branches appear out of nowhere, catching the sword and stopping it dead on its tracks. "Entangle," whispered Aramaki. More branches appeared and vines sped out of the ground - trapping Arc. The branches and vines closed in on Arc and held him tight as roots appeared and wrapped around Arc. Arc tried to escape but it was no use. "Why are you doing this? Let us defeat the Emperor Leon!" growled Arc. Aramaki smirked. "The Marines and the Halo Pirates have made a temporary alliance to deal with your alliance," he said. "Carry him away, troops! Take away the Army for interrogation," roared Kuroshochi who had subdued the rest of the Army, "We'll take that silver knight into custody in Uton - the prisoner mine!"
Lileptorontea, Leon's Palace...
The Green Army had invaded the Palace. Oxford fought the guards off and had destroyed all of the security facilities. As the Army prepared to advance, a cloaked figure had appeared out of nowhere. The figure transformed into a huge pterodactyl. "Buzz off," the pterodactyl commanded. "No! Who are you?" growled Oxford back. "I am King - the right-hand man of Leon and one of the Supreme Officers of the Halo Pirates!" was the reply. The pterodactyl lunged at Oxford. The Green Army scuffled around in determination, ready to repel any attack. Out of the back of King, flames erupted out. "Vermillion Blow!" roared King. King's wings turned ablaze and he sliced them at the Army. Oxford tried to parry away King's wings but it was no use - the entire Army was downed. The attack had even destroyed a bit of the Palace - bits of rubble fell on Oxford as he lay unconscious. King flew away back into the distance - where dawn was breaking out.
Lileptorontea coastline...
The fifth ship had arrived. Marco, transformed into a phoenix, flew out into Lileptorontea as the Purple Army clambered out of the ship.
TO BE CONTINUED In Chapter 2 : Into the Palace



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