A Piece Lileptorontea Chapter 2 : Into The Palace

Lileptorontea, Uton Prisoner Mines...
Arc lay defeated in his cell at Uton, the prison mine. Soon, when the sun rose fully, he had to start mining. But there was no time! He must escape and help his Alliance defeat Leon and the Marines that had recently allied with the Emperor. Arc struggled against his bonds but it was no use. He sank down in demise, waiting to be rescued.
Lileptorontea, Leon's Palace...
Oxford rose, slightly stunned. His memories came flooding back to him. He had been defeated by King, a Supreme Officer of the Halo Pirates. It seemed that Law's tactical plan had been unraveled. Law had not accounted for the appearance of the Marines or the fact that the Palace might have been guarded by strong forces. Oxford groped inside his pockets and took out a Transponder Slug. Transponder Slugs were communicating devices. He spoke into the Slug. "Law! King, the right-hand man of Leon has attacked me and left me stranded outside the Palace. Help!" The reply was quick. "The Blue and Yellow Armies have successfully taken over Metro City! We can see the Palace from here - I'm sending along the Blue Army to help you now. We can also see the coastline - the Purple Army has arrived with reinforcements! I just contacted them and they have said that the Red Army and Arc are not at Cyber City. The Purple Army has suppressed the Marines and they have said that Arc is at Uton, the Prison Mine! I am going to rescue him. You stay where you are - reinforcements are coming! When you and Arc have been rescued, we will all meet up at Metro City in order to discuss the new plan!"
Lileptorontea, Metro City...
The Blue Army had only just left the City to head towards the Palace. Law had also left to go rescue Arc. The Yellow Army and Cypher remained behind on the outpost they had constructed inside Metro City. An hour had passed. Then, suddenly, a battle cry echoed through the city. The Marines had arrived at Metro City. Cypher went out with the Yellow Army to meet them in combat. Aramaki, Kuroshochi and Greenbull faced them. "Geppoux is at the Palace with Leon, awaiting your Alliance's arrival! What is taking you guys so long?" jeered Aramaki. "We are biding out time for the most tactical advantage!" retorted Cypher. Aramaki held out his hand. The hand turned into a wooden branch. Aramaki's body transformed into a wooden trunk of a tree. Slowly, the rest of his body turned wooden and he had become a human-tree. "Entangle!" he yelled. Vines, branches and roots exploded out of Aramaki's tree body, wrapping themselves against the Army and against Cypher. "Two Million Voltage Strike!" roared Cypher, pushing the vines off him. The electricity that came out of Cypher was so powerful it melted Aramaki's wooden body, turning it black as a soot and smoke rose out of Aramaki. Aramaki looked shocked for a second before he shook himself and his wooden body disappeared, reverting back to his human shape. "Your puny Army cannot hold off the force of the Marines!" hissed Greenbull. "Not if I can help it," replied Marco, who had appeared from the skies, his phoenix body glowing blue and gold, blue fire dropping out of him. "Bluebird!" yelled Marco. Three giant blue spheres of burning hot fire, gleaming blue and gold in the pink sunrise, shot out of Marco. "Retreat! Fall back!" cried Kuroshochi in panic. "No! Hold your ground, Marines!" roared Aramaki. As the flames grew closer, Aramaki seemed more and more fearful. "Retreat!" he yelled as he ducked for cover. The first fire sphere struck the ground, burning the ground to singes as Marines jumped out of the way. The second fire sphere hit a large group of marines, engulfing them up and burning them away, their ashes flying into the wind. The third fire sphere headed for Kuroshochi, Aramaki and Greenbull. The three Admirals combined their powers and tried to hold back the blue-and-gold fire sphere - but it was no use. The fire sphere burned away their defenses and struck them, blowing them away and leaving burn marks on their face. The Marines yelled in fear and ran - escaping into the outskirts of the city.
Lileptorontea, Uton Prisoner Mines...
"ROOM!" called Law, "Shambles!" Law teleported into Arc's cell. Arc yelled in surprise. "Quiet down!" hissed Law frantically. Arc remained silent as Law cut off his bonds using Koko, his katana. "Shambles!" whispered Law and the two teleported away. They silently crept back into Metro City, avoiding Marines. At last, all five Armies of the Silver Knight Alliance were together. Arc greeted Marco in joy as Law jumped onto the pedestal, ready to announce his new plan. "As you all know, my last plan did not account for the Marines and we did not know that Leon already knew that we were attempting to invade. Of course, this new plan should be able to get us into the Palace. Cyber City is teeming with Marines... the Yellow and Purple Armies must go there and battle the Marines - creating a distraction for the main attack force. Marco fights off the guards in the Palace - creating another distraction while the Red and Green Armies infiltrate the Palace from the north side. The Blue Army will invade the Palace from the south side, fighting away the forces. With these distractions in place, Arc, Fajita, Oxford, Cypher and myself will go to battle Geppoux and Leon. Obviously, the Halo Pirates will try to help the Emperor so the Armies must keep them at bay long enough for us to try and defeat Geppoux and Leon. Understood? Well.... BEGIN THE RAID ON LEON'S PALACE!"

TO BE CONTINUED In Chapter 3 : The Stars take the Stage



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