A Piece Lileptorontea Chapter 3 : The Stars Take The Stage

The Armies of the Silver Knight Alliance split off to their different ways, looking like ants as they scattered, each Army hurrying to its designated vantage point. The five Army Captains and members of the Worst Generation; Arc, Fajita, Oxford, Law and Cypher took off together, heading towards the north entry of the Palace.
Lileptorontea, Leon's Palace...
The sun had fully rose and it shone its brilliance across the ghastly land of Lileptorontea. The five members of the Worst Generation, Marco and the Red and Green Armies had arrived at the threshold of the northern door of Leon's Palace. Marco had gone into the Palace with the Red and Green Armies, battling the oncoming Halo Pirates and Marines. The Worst Generation remained behind, hidden in the shrubbery, as they waited for the Blue Army to create a diversion on the south entry. From then on, as war would wage inside the Palace from both sides, the five members of the Worst Generation would charge in to battle Leon and Geppoux. Marco, having transformed fully into a phoenix, divebombed towards the Marines and Halo Pirates, leaving a shower of blue flames and ashes behind. The Halo Pirates ducked for cover as reinforcements of Marines and Halo Pirates poured in from the upper storey. The Red and Green Armies were being heavily suppressed from the overwhelming number of reinforcements and they were forced to defensively move backwards, into the centre of the ground floor. Just when it seemed that the Halo Pirates and the Marines had triumphed, in burst the Blue Army from the southern entry. They stampeded towards the enemy. As all the lookouts and reinforcements of the Halo Pirates and Marines turned their attention to the Red, Green and Blue Armies of the Alliance, the five members of the Worst Generation made their move. "ROOM! Shambles!" cried Law. They were teleported to the fifth floor of the Palace. There were no guards in the fifth floor as all of them had rushed downstairs to the ground floor. "Leon and Geppoux are at the very top! Can you teleport us all the way up to the ninth floor?" questioned Arc. "I couldn't before - my ROOM can expand to the size of mountains but this palace is absolutely huge. From here, I can make a ROOM to encompass all the way up the ninth floor. ROOM!" shouted Law, "Shambles!" And so, they had penetrated to the top of the Palace. The five Captains snuck quietly around the floor until they came to a huge room which was occupied by three people - Leon, Geppoux and a man with wings. "Shhhh! Hide!" hissed Arc under his breath. They watched as the man with huge wings approached Leon. "My lord... the Red, Blue and Green Armies! They have invaded the first floor and it seems they are winning the battle for now! They seem to be pushing up towards the second floor-" began the man with the wings. "Quiet, King! You know full well that three Armies cannot defeat my amassed legion of legendary fighters like yourself. You single handedly defeated the Green Army when they came to call. Go fetch Queen and Jack! Together, you, Queen and Jack, the three strongest Supreme Officers, will surely be enough to triumph over that motley assortment that blasted knight has roused!" interrupted Leon. "But, my lord! Marco, the right-hand man of Egghead is there!" pleaded the man with the wings. Geppoux made a moaning sound. "I will intervene! Three Armies will be destroyed in a well-placed Retribution Fist!" yelled Geppoux. "And have my Palace destroyed? You know full well that our alliance means your cooperation... not mine. For if we were to disband, your puny Marines would not stand a chance against my crew! This is enough talk! King, go! Time is running out. I daresay those five daredevils will present themselves if you cannot stop them! Of course I can defeat them with no problem... but I'd rather you destroy them - my power shall not be wasted on five rookies!" retorted Leon. The man with the wings - who seemed to be called 'King' - bowed his head before taking off down the Palace. Leon then stood up and grabbed a Transponder Slug that was ringing. Arc and the others stayed silent, resolute to not giving away their location. Only when King had passed they began to breathe again. Fajita made to talk but Arc stopped him. "Silence! They're talking again!" whispered Arc in exasperation. They all looked towards the room again. Leon seemed furious, strutting around the room as he threw away the Slug. "Queen called. She says your forces have not been able to hold off the Purple and Yellow Armies at Cyber City," spat Leon to Geppoux, as his strutting became faster and more impatient. "The Admirals - they are at Metro City!" protested Geppoux defensively, glaring at Leon with distaste in his eyes. "What use it that?" roared Leon. "THE ALLIANCE HAS MADE A BASE AT THE CITY!!! IF THEY ARE TO CONTINUE TO USE IT, THEY WILL HAVE A GOOD SHOT AT ATTACKING US!" bellowed Geppoux. "Have you no brain?! They have already begun to attack us! There is no use of attacking an outpost if it's deserted!" retorted Leon, his voice becoming dangerously rough. "Let's go to the roof then. They'll never find us up there," reasoned Geppoux. "Scared, are you?" taunted Leon. "Of course not! I, Fleet Admiral of the Marines, bested by rookie pirates? I think not! It's just like what you said before - it'd be a waste using my power on them!" shot back Geppoux. Leon gave Geppoux a look of pure venom before curtly nodding and together, they ascended to the roof of the palace. "Now, now! We must act!" pushed Oxford. "No! We need more time... more information before we battle them!" countered Law. "Law is right - though we must act quick. A full scale war will soon start and Geppoux and Leon may join the fray - our Armies would be decimated!" conceded Arc. "It's... night time," whispered Fajita, looking out of the window. "Already! When we got up here, it was the crack of dawn!" yelled Cypher in surprise. "It looks like the full moon is up! That's our signal - let's go!" cried out Arc, jumping to his feet. And together the five stars in the new generation headed off to battle two veterans of the old generation.
Leon's Palace, Floor 1...
A huge war was in place on the first floor. The weaker members of the Silver Knight Alliance, the Halo Pirates and the Marines were battling. On the second floor, a huge battle waged on - the Lieutenants and Generals of the Halo Pirates, with the Vice Admirals of the Marines battled the stronger members of the Silver Knight Alliance. On the third floor, Commissioners and Officers were battling an entire two Armies - the Red and Green Armies. On the fourth floor, the six Elite Officers - Gamma, Bolt, Hydra, Astra, Foliage and Reverie were battling six strong members of the Silver Knight Alliance - Rumble, Falcon, Gash, Deadlock, Chambre and Sentinel. On the fifth floor, Marines were everywhere - battling the Blue Army. On the sixth floor, Marco was battling King and Queen, two of the Supreme Officers. On the seventh floor, Aramaki, Kuroshochi and Greenbull had teamed up with Jack, another of the Supreme Officers, in order to battle the Yellow Army who had come back from Cyber City. On the eighth floor, a huge band of Marines and Mr. Ten, the fourth All-Star, was battling the Purple Army which had also come back from Cyber City. The ninth floor was empty as the five members of the Worst Generation raced to the top of the palace,
Leon's Palace, Roof...
The full moon was perfectly formed in the night sky as Arc, Fajita, Oxford, Law and Cypher clambered onto the roof. Geppoux and Leon were waiting for them. Geppoux, wasting no time, transformed into his giant, golden Buddha form immediately. Leon, however, smirked at Arc as Arc walked calmly to Leon. "Say who you are, brat," sneered Leon. "I... am Arc. And I will become the King of the Pirates!" proclaimed Arc. The other four Worst Generation members gasped in shock of Arc's courage. Leon seemed to glower with rage as he transformed into his giant azure dragon form, his long body twisting and turning as he flew high up into the sky. "With my tough scales, no one but the other Emperors have ever been able to put a lasting scar onto me! I am the Strongest Creature alive!" Leon yelled, flying into the air, his dragon whiskers flapping majestically. Arc stood his ground as he raised his sword into the air. "Well, I've come to break that streak. For tonight, the Silver Knight Alliance will succeed!" he yelled. Then, Arc leapt into the air, facing the giant dragon before he brandished his sword, infusing it with the red-and-black lightning - Aura. He held his sword back before he swung it with all his might. "Divine Departure!" he roared. Leon's dragon eyes expanded in fear. The powerful slash, powered by the immense power of Aura cut apart the dragon's belly, causing a long, diagonal line of blood to appear. But Arc wasn't done. He slashed again using his other hand, creating another diagonal line of blood. Arc had created an X-shaped scar on the dragon. Leon yelled in pain, fear and anger. "I would say that I just created a permanent scar," said Arc calmly. Leon looked shocked then angry. "You - you punk! You think you're just as good as my fellow Emperors - Sabre, Marvel, Buster... even the deceased but powerful Egghead? You think you're just as good as them? You... you... YOU think you can become the successor of the Pirate King? Answer me this..." yelled Leon, his anger becoming paramount, "... how high will your ceiling go?" Arc smirked. Fajita, Oxford, Law and Cypher stood up. The Stars had truly taken their stage.
TO BE CONTINUED IN Chapter 4 : Overthrowing an Emperor



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