A Piece Lileptorontea Chapter 4 : Overthrowing An Emperor (PART I)

The citizens of Lileptorontea rushed to the outskirts of Leon's Palace to watch the war. They cheered and whooped for the Silver Knight Alliance. For almost 20 long years, Lileptorontea had been tyrannised by Leon who had no mercy or care for his land. Tonight, under the watchful eye of the full moon, was the first night in 20 years that showed hope for the Lileptorontean citizens.
Leon' Palace Roof...
Leon, transformed into a gargantuan dragon, flew high above the roof before roaring, "Draco Meteor!" Large meteors of fire came raining down on the five members of the Worst Generation. There seemed no escape to the overwhelming attack! Suddenly, Law jumped to action. "ROOM!" he called. A huge blue, translucent hemisphere appeared. "Shambles!" he cried. He and his allies teleported away from the huge meteors of fire. "Hellfire Slash!" roared Arc, his sword infused with Aura. The huge slash was blocked by Geppoux who had used Retribution Fist to counter it. "Light of Annihilation!" snarled Geppoux. A huge beam of light struck at the Worst Generation who scarpered to avoid the attack. "We should chain our attacks!" suggested Law. Oxford lunged at Geppoux. "Beheading Twin Axes!" The spinning axes glowed with supersonic energy but Geppoux held up one massive fist to shield himself. At that moment, Law teleported behind Geppoux and pulled out Koko, his katana. "Injection Shot!" he yelled. A blue, electric crosshair appeared in front of Law's Koko. He aimed his Koko to Geppoux's midsection before blasting an electrical impulse wave from the crosshair. Geppoux yelled in pain, blood streaming from the wound. Leon tried to fly to Geppoux's aid but Fajita stopped him. "Pressure!" Fajita yelled. However, Fajita only managed to hold Leon for half a second before Leon shook off the gravity. Cypher flew into the air with his jetpack before yelling, "Rising Bolt!" A huge lightning bolt appeared in Cypher's hand and he threw it at Leon. Leon quickly dodged the lightning bolt and he flew at Cypher, his massive jaws open. "Assailant Rend!" roared Arc. Arc's sword glowed golden before he jumped up to Leon's jaws and slashed it downward with Aura bursting out of his sword. Leon bit the sword to stop it from slashing and he spat it down with Arc holding on. "Your Aura infusion... it's too crude! You'll never defeat me!" roared the dragon, "Crimson Bomb!" A huge ball of flames gathered at Leon's mouth before he threw it downwards at the five Worst Generation members. Law and Cypher escaped the huge ball of fire but Arc, Fajita and Oxford were not so lucky. They had tried to escape but Geppoux had used Retribution Fist to punt them back into the trajectory of the Crimson Bomb. Oxford leapt forward at the oncoming flame ball. He held his twin axes in an X formation as blue, supersonic energy burst out of his axes. He kept the Crimson Bomb at bay just long enough for Arc and Fajita to escape. The Crimson Bomb burst free and slammed down on Oxford. Oxford fell to the ground, burning and defeated. Fajita used his gravity powers to blow away the flames on Oxford but Oxford was unconscious now. "We'll have to continued without him!" ordered Arc. "Hey, Leon, let's try a combined attack... how many of the five will survive?" cackled Geppoux. "Heads up! They're doing something big!" warned Cypher. "Supreme Eight Trigram : Twilight of the Gods!" roared Geppoux at the same time as Leon who yelled, "Heatwave Burst!" The combined attack was so powerful that it blew all the Worst Generation members back before the attack had even come. "RUN!" yelled Fajita. Law teleported them away, just as the attack landed. "They were lucky once..." sighed Leon, "... but they can't do that forever!" Law, panting, looked up. "We.... we have to separate them! We can't fight the two of them!" he suggested. Cypher nodded. "I'll try get Geppoux out of the palace!" he said. Cypher roared, "Tempest Strike!" Huge storm clouds appeared over Geppoux. Lightning bolts struck Geppoux and they lifted him up, up and away. But it wasn't enough. Law stood up. "Levitate!" he called. He lifted a huge boulder telepathically and slammed it on Geppoux who was blasted down the Palace and into Metro City, where a huge BANG was heard. "I'll go with Law and defeat Geppoux - you guys fight Leon!" said Cypher as he and Law teleported down to Geppoux. They found Geppoux in the ruins of the city. "You brats!" yelled Geppoux in anger. "Cypher... have you Awakened your Fruit yet?" questioned Law. Cypher nodded. "Well, back me up with that Awakening of yours," Law ordered as he leapt towards Geppoux, "I'll use my own Awakening to start matters." Law landed on top of Geppoux's huge Buddha body. Law jumped into the air again. "K-ROOM!" roared Law, "Anaesthesia!" Law conjured up a small ROOM on his palm which he used to coat his Koko sword. Suddenly the sword grew very long and pierced Geppoux through the head and body. Geppoux yelled, "Get off me!" Law panted. "The penetration itself doesn't hurt... but this will!" roared Law, "Shock Wille!" A huge electric current zapped through the elongated sword, electrocuting Geppoux. Geppoux roared in pain as huge amounts of blood fell out of his mouth. Cypher took this as his cue. "Divine Tempest : Judgement of Gods!" he roared. A massive bolt of lightning struck Geppoux, bringing the Buddha to his knees. "You... you squirts!" the Buddha wheezed as blood streamed down his face. Law leapt towards Geppoux again. "After this attack, finish him off!" called Law to Cypher as he landed on Geppoux's body. "K-ROOM... Anaesthesia..." panted Law. His sword became long once again. Law dug the sword through Geppoux's body and this time, it went miles and miles down, through to the ocean floor. "Puncture Wille!" roared Law. There was a massive BANG and another electric current went through the sword and the sword glistened gold. More bangs erupted as Geppoux yelled in anguish and finally, Law took his sword out before teleporting away. Law's attack had punctured a huge hole in the ground and the injured Geppoux rolled into it. "Help!" roared the giant buddha as he held on with all his might. Cypher stepped forward. "Raigo!" he roared. A huge worldlet of lightning and storm clouds appeared and Cypher threw it down on Geppoux. The massive worldlet of lightning struck Geppoux and he screamed as he lost his grip and fell down the massive hole into the ocean, making a massive splash. Geppoux had lost against Law and Cypher.



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