A Piece Lileptorontea Chapter 4 : Overthrowing An Emperor (PART II)

Law and Cypher, heavily deprived of stamina due to their usage of their Awakenings, lay down, extremely fatigued and panting. Together, they had defeated Geppoux, the Fleet Admiral of the Marines, by using a combination of Awakened abilities to push Geppoux all the way down to the sea via a deep hole made by Law. Extremely taxed and out of energy, Law and Cypher made an effort to stand up. They watched the Palace Roof where a fire had started, bringing in huge amounts of light to the night sky with the full moon.
Leon's Palace, First Floor...
The Silver Knight Alliance members that were on the first floor battling the weakest Halo Pirates and Marines had triumphed. Bodies lay everywhere, Leon's luxurious carpets were scarlet with blood. Walls had been broken, pillars toppled. The only enemy left standing was in no state to fight. That enemy began to run, fearful. One of the members of the Silver Knight Alliance stood up and fired an artillery shower at the running Halo Pirate. The attack missed and instead hit the central pillar. The pillar smashed into pieces and there was no more support holding up the second floor. Time seemed frozen and it was broken by a huge BANG from the pillar exploding. The second floor fell down onto the first floor, demolishing the Silver Knight Alliance members that were on the first floor. The Lieutenants and Generals of the Halo Pirates, the Vice Admirals of the Marines and the Silver Knight Alliance members on the second floor fell onto the broken roof of the first floor and lay in a heap, not moving. The third floor became unstable and it shook before falling down to the floor of the first floor which had massive amounts of rubble on it now. Luckily, due to the soft sofas and beds on the third floor, the Red and Green Armies on the third floor did not sustain any damage. Unluckily, the Commissioners and Officers of the Halo Pirates also did not sustain and damage. Down on the junkyard of rubble on the first floor, the two sides began battling as though nothing had happened. But that battle was cut short as the fourth floor fell too. The fourth floor smashed down on the warriors, demolishing them. The Elite Officers and the six strong members of the Alliance on the fourth floor, thanks to their durability, survived the fall and resumed battle. The fifth floor remained stable due to it having bracing. Quickly, the six Elite Officers were defeated.
Leon's Palace, Sixth Floor...
On the sixth floor of the palace, Marco the phoenix was easily holding his own against two of the Supreme Officers - King and Queen. King transformed into his pterodactyl form and flew into the air, battling Marco in an aerial clash. Queen transformed into a massive Brachiosaurus with a huge neck. Due to the palace floors being so massively huge, Queen's neck did not penetrate the Seventh Floor, though she was nearly tall enough. King continued to clash in a fast-paced aerial assault against Marco. "Vermillion Blow!" yelled King. The attack was so strong it cut off one of Marco's blue and gold phoenix wings. "Ha! Take that, you bratty punk!" taunted King triumphantly. Marco smirked. "The flames of a phoenix... have healing properties!" called Marco. Miraculously, Marco's wing grew back like nothing happened. King the pterodactyl gaped in horror. Queen dashed at Marco, whipping her tail at the phoenix. Marco dodged and retaliated by creating a cyclone of fire at Queen which knocked her backwards. King roared in anger and swooped at Marco. "Bluebird!" called Marco with satisfaction. Huge flame spheres made of gold and blue fire shot at King. The heat and power of the attack was so strong it clipped King's right wing and sent him hurling down to the floor, breaking open the sixth floor. King, unconscious, fell to the fifth floor. The sixth floor, now cracking open, was no longer stable. Queen shouted in horror as the floor gave way below her, causing the huge brachiosaurus to fall onto the fifth floor. Queen hit the fifth floor, breaking the fifth floor from her weight. Unconscious from falling, she transformed back into her human self. The fifth floor smashed onto the first floor's junkyard of rubble and the sixth floor followed. The seventh floor began shaking and Marco realised that it was going to cave in. Desperate, he punctured a hole through the seventh floor and flew into the seventh floor just in time as it broke away onto the ground, killing thousands. Marco looked up. The eighth floor was going to fall in as well! Marco tried to find a way in. He burst in through a hole he punctured. The eight floor was complete mayhem. Marines and Silver Knight Alliance members alike clashed on the breaking ground. "The floor's gonna cave in!" warned Marco. And just then, the eighth floor broke away and joined the seven other floors piled up on the first floor. The ninth floor began to crack away. In horror, Marco realised Arc must still be up there. "I need to hold that floor!" he thought as he flew to the bottom of the ninth floor. "Regeneration Flames," Marco said calmly. Glistening blue and gold flames spread through the ninth floor. Miraculously, the ninth floor began to repair and heal. Marco smiled and looked down below him. He stopped smiling. He couldn't fly forever and the ninth floor wasn't going to hold too much longer either. He raised his phoenix head and shouted. "ARC! You've got to sort out Leon! Quick!"
Leon's Palace, Roof...
Leon untransformed from his dragon from. He had defeated Arc, Fajita and Oxford. His Transponder Slug began to ring. It was from a survivor of the demise of the palace. "Leon! The Palace has all caved in! Only the ninth floor and the roof remains! Marco is the only survivor from the other side! Law and Cypher have defeated Geppoux! All that remains is your fight! Finish them, quick! The roof won't hold for much more!" warned the person on the other end.




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